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Android, iOS and Xamarin development

This are the core services that I offer

Android Development

You have an idea and you want to target the Android market? Great... lets talk. I developed multiple Android projects and have over 5 years of experience in doing that.


The user interface and experience are one of the most important factors for an app to be successful. That is why I work closely together with trained designer that provide beautiful and user friendly designs.

iOS Development

Developing nice looking responsive apps for iPad, iPhone, iPod and other iOS devices looks like magic? No problem I can help. I have over 5 years of experience with this platform as well.

Quality Assurance

Testing an application is very important for ensuring end user satisfaction. That is why I cooperate with mobile application testers, that ensure no major bugs remain undetected. For even more reliability, automatic unit testing can be an option for some parts of the app that are more error prone.

Mobile Security (new)

Apps that have sensitive Data to offer need extra attention regarding security. I specialized in analysing and finding security breaches in apps and helping in solving them.

Xamarin Development

Android and iOS are great, but sometimes developing the same things twice is tiring and cost intensive. With Xamarin it is possible to reuse common code sections for both platforms boosting the time to market and moderate the project costs up to 40%.


Want your app to reach the top of the list in Google Play or Apple App Store? One of the key factors are search engine optimizations.

Six steps to success

1. Planning & Strategy

Together we discuss the requirements make a plan and a timeline.

2. UI & UX

Next step is to design and wire-frame the  app, for getting an idea about the look and feel of it.

3. Programming

After having the same understanding for the app flow, user interface and user experience, the programming part begins.


4. Testing

Depending on the project budget we can include unit testing during the development, manual user testing and security testing when the app is done.

5. Release & Promotion

After development, testing and polishing the UI is done, we release and promote the app.

6. Maintenance

The last step is the maintenance. This includes keeping the app under strict observation and responding to occuring problems in the shortest time possible.


About me

My name is Renato G. I am a software engineer working as a freelance app developer. I am specialised in building high quality mobile applications that run on iOS and Android. I develop them using both native frameworks or cross-platform tools like Xamarin.

I successfully finished my studies at the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen Nürnberg in Germany. In the beginning of 2012 I start working for NEXT, an agency situated in Munich, were I learned a lot from the best. Thanks Benjamin! Besides working full time I was also a part time freelancer, implementing different interesting little projects. 1st march 2014 was a special day for me. My first day as a full time freelancer. It felt great and all this was made possible by my new client Friedrich Oetinger Verlag. Thank you for that Till!

I like to travel a lot and organise my own working hours. With other words... I prefer remote work only. Of course in the beginning of a project I can be present on site, for little time, to know if we work good together and to know each other better. I am an independent, hard working and reliable developer, that supports the client with enthusiasm and doesn't do the work only for it to be done.

I am not a lonely wolf. I can work in teams and have human resources (developer, designer, tester) in east Europe on standby, allowing me to provide very competitive prices and also build up small tailor-made teams for developing projects were one person would not suffice. You can visit the website of my remote in-sourcing company situated in Romania named Impakt-Soft.

If I could convince you and you are currently searching for a capable developer or team, contact me and you will not be disappointed. You can write me your requests in english, german or romanian.

Thanks for your time!

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